Me (ineffable) wrote,

Analyzing Music.

The other night at Janna's apartment, we had a deep discussion about music. We talked about the band Neutral Milk Hotel, and how I've been listening to them a lot. To come to think of it, It's pretty random on how I found out about them in the first place. When Omar was here visiting New York. He brought over his external harddive filled with some of his music. He transfered a few songs over to my laptop and then over to my Ipod. So then, I took that as a sign to become a little kid in a candy store with his harddrive. I started to pull out the classics he had, as well has the odd sounding band names..
Thanks Omar!

I would like to think that I'm a very passionate person, I can't help it, I'm Latin, it comes with the territory. One of the areas is music. This is how I'm going to break it down to you, on the way I portray some music.When the chemistry between rhythm & lyrics flows smoothly, to the point where you don't have have to pay attention to the words, and take it for face value.That right there, is such an amazing song. Don't kid me wrong, I love taking it to another level and analyze the lyrics of a song. Because a song's lyrics could be completely ambiguous or blatant. But its up us as listeners to grasp and interpret what he or she is trying to portray. If not, different strokes for different folks.

There's a few songs that would take ahold of me, and pretty much bring me to tears. It's amazing how a simple song would bring me back to a point in my life, where I was extremely happy or sad. It's some kind of body high that surges through out me, and makes me apart of the song. With that in mind, I'm able to fully understand a song without understanding the words... Is a really cool little program that keeps track of all the songs that you listen to. Plus it also gives you a little bio about the artist and how many times they've been played as a whole though the website. ( I'm still kind of new and trying to figure out what's what?)
I wish I would have joined a whole lot earlier, but never came around on doing so.My friend Andy was curious on what kind I'm music I was listening to.
Thanks Andy!

Here's a like to my profile:

Too bad it doesn't keep track of the songs when I'm out and about....

I'm just curious... any of you guys can recommend a song or two?

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