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Pleasure + Pain

Ben Harper is a bluesman with a funk fixation, a folkie with a hard-rock jones, a soul-singing rock star who sits when he plays. His is a strange and powerful mixture, creating a sound of ancient blues and modern feedback, of pop and protest...
- Steve Appleford

Today I finally got a chance to watch the final dvd that came in the mail. As it turns out he only put out 3 dvds so far. I was hoping that he had a music video collection or something. The three Dvd's are

1. Ben Harper and the Blindboys of Alabama: Live at the Apollo (2005)
2. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (2003)
3. Ben Harper: Pleasure and Pain (2002)

I've been listening to lot of Ben Harper lately since the last few months.. He's such a talented music artist. His music and lyrics are extremely powerful filled with emotion and love.I really love it when he plays acoustically. It was great to have finally watched the documentary, 5 years in the making... I remembered the first time (2002) when I heard about the documentary and I wanted to go see it in movie theater. It was playing in San Fransisco and I asked Nicole if she wanted to go see it.... but she couldn't because she had prior engagements and I didn't want to go alone...

The documentary was great! I really don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it and are fans of Ben Harper. But, I can't seem to remember the first time I heard about Ben Harper.. I must have been before 02 because I wouldn't known about the movie.

During the documentary there was a scene where he asked the audience how did you hear about Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. First he asked was it from a video?(A few people screamed)Was it from the Radio?(More people screamed)Then he stops and asked , "What radio stations are you listening to? He was shocked to hear their response!The last question was .. Who's heard about us through a friend!? (everyone screamed) Since his debut Album in 1994 "Welcome to the Cruel World" it seems that It's been all through word of mouth about him and his band... In the documentary it showed how all types of people would enjoy his music.. from an infant to a 70 year old person.. It's amazing hear how long they have traveled and tour to get where they are today..

The lyrics he chooses for some of his songs are very beautiful.. to the point of tears...with the help with his music and lyrics.. it's helping me rebuild my relationship with God... and I'm very thankful.
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