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Bay Area Memories

This past weekend I was able to pay a visit to the Bay Area which felt so brief. As soon as I was there I felt I already had to leave..It was killing me because I was having such a good time too. For the majority of the weekend I helped out Leo & Natalie with some errands they had to run.. Basicly stuff they needed for their new Apartment.
(Safeway,Goodwill, Kmart,Outlet Stores,Target, UPS,Petco)

One of which was a stop at Costco. We all left early morning on Saturday like around 2:30pm The one of the good things about Costco is you can arrive a little hungry and leave pleased. I just love all of the free samples that Costco has to offer.. It's always nice to get an opportunity to chat with the employees that are giving out the samples too.

"Your not drinking on the job are you?"
"Is there Vodka mixed in with this pineapple juice?"
Brian: "Is there alcohol in this Root Beer?"
"Do you get a lot of crazies asking for more samples?

While in Costco I called up Omar to see what's up with the game plan for Saturday night.. I told him that I'll pick him up after work at the Balboa. But I needed to find out what Nicole was doing... The plan was hang out with Nicole before hand and then go pick up Omar from work.. Nicole wanted to watch a screening of Rushmore at 7:00pm. But I wasn't able to make it due to the errands we were running.. So I told her I'll be in the City about 9:00ish. With that in mind I took off around 8:15 and totally forgetting to ask my brother for a few dollars for the Bay Bridge Toll.. It's up to $4.00! and I only had a 2 dollar bill.. what are the odds...

While driving on the 880 North I was thinking to myself I need to find a Wamu Bank. And I'm pretty sure that the toll doesn't take Master Card..As well I didn't want to drive to Downtown Berkeley for a bank, I'll be backtracking.. So I ended up getting off in downtown Oakland and drove for a bit.. It must have been a strange night because everyone I asked for directions.. didn't make any sense.. I was driving around in circles for twenty minutes. Then it came to me... there's a Wamu Bank next to Boston Market and Safeway on Broadway street.

Streets of Emotions =/

While driving on Broadway memories past would rush through me... like the time where I helped out with Apartment sitting and the person had this one crazy cat.(who doesn't like males.)

Saving Irving's friend's driving him to the hospital in the middle of the night. Because he had some kind of allergic reaction where he couldn't breath properly when he was jogging.The lines of gratitude when he shared with me..

"Thank you for saving me life..."
"This means so much to me.."
"There's no way I'm going to go out like this.."
"I thought I'll go out in a blaze of gunfire like Tupac."

Yes people, Tupac..
He said Tupac..

I wanted to laugh so hard when he told me that.. but I held it back since he looked like he was in so much pain..

The meal for 3 at the Boston much food you'll have to save it for leftovers.. Great for Thanksgiving Meals..

After pulling a twenty out of the ATM which only took about 30 minutes out of my time.. I rushed over to the city... While on the Bay Bridge I talked to Nicole and she said she was already at home.. So that meant I had to drive in the city.. phew, driving in the city is always madness.. plus while driving in a huge Dodge Ram Truck! Like always I got a little lost and Nicole had to guide me to her place..

I felt it was a little too late to catch a movie and then make it over to pick up Omar.. So Nicole and I decided to play a few games of Pool at a bar not so far away from the Balboa. Before that I called up Lloyd to find out what was he doing that night... since I was in the City.. it turns out he was already passing out.. next time I guess.

Nicole and I hung out for a bit at the Balboa while Omar was finishing up with work. After work we all decided that we need to get something to drink! We made a few stops and ended up at Safeway to buy some Tecate Beer and some frozen Pizza. Pizza & Mexican Beer what a great combo!

We finally made it to Omar's house where we all drank and played Tres till 4:00-:30am. We drank we ate and Omar took pictures with his Polaroid Camera. Nicole's friend came over like around 3am and we all showed him how to play Tres...

The next morning Omar made this killer breakfast that we forgot to take a picture of. I helped Omar with an errand he had to do by driving him to Fedex and then dropping him off at work. Omar drew me a map on how to get back to the Bay Bridge..if not I would have been lost again.. I just love maps...

The one thing I don't miss about the Bay Area is the traffic...

I uploaded a few pictures onto my facebook..
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