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Sometime around 4:30 to 5:00amIsh... while waiting for the subway home (sitting on a bench). I ran into this Blues-like man (who wears his sunglasses at night!) who was also sitting on the bench. So I struck up a conversation with the man..

Blues:Where's your Guitar!?
Alej: I don't have one.
Blues: You have to be kidding me, you have to be some kind of musician. You look like one!
Alej: HaHaHa..I wish I knew how to play the Guitar!
Blues: So what kind of music do you like?
Alej: (I began to explain all types of music that I liked.)
Blues: Wow! That's a variety of music. There's so many people in this world who have a narrow taste.
(He gave me a little test by singing some songs)
Alej: I tend to not to discriminate, and if it sounds good... so be it!
Blues: Your a very unique person.
Alej: Why do you say that?
Blues: It's the presence that you give...

So we ended up talking for a while...About life in general and music... until someone sat right in the middle of the bench. He was at one end and I was at the other. We talked for a little bit like that and called it rap.

I just love striking up random conversations anywhere..
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