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I Sleep In Laughter

I somehow took a little nap today while listening to my Ipod. I guess it was long enough to have a quick dream..They say people only dream for five minutes only and in Black & White... As for myself, I would have to disagree with those statements. I've dreamed in the past these Full-length-Vivid-Colored- 3-part-Epic-Dreams-that need-an-intermission-break...

Okay enough with the tomfoolery... On to my dream.

People: Do you want to have breakfast with us?
Alejandro: When?
People: This Sunday.
Alejandro: What time?
People: At 10.
Alejandro: In the MORNING!!!?

I guess I found it hilarious enough to wake up laughing..

I crack myself up.... I Love it!!

It's funny because I've been known to catch the "Early Bird Special"..

Happy MLK Day!
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